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Saturday Dec 03


Instructor Recognition Web Application

The Instructor Recognition Web Application developed by PONTIS is ready for beta testing (only with the required privileges). It is a result of tremendous work, and will hopefully become a useful tool for the NetAcad community. We have put three keywords in the focus, while designing and implementing this application:

  1. Flexibility to provide a tool which supports the organizers of Instructor Recognition at different levels (currently regional, but local & global recognition is also supported).
  2. Objectivity to use a clear, predefined pool of criteria (weight can be different award by award, and addition of new criteria is also possible) to make the applicants from the region comparable.
  3. Simplicity to make the use of this tool easy and logical.

Read more: Instructor Recognition Web Application

Regional Cisco Networking Academy Conference (CEE/R/CIS)

The Regional Cisco Networking Academy Conference (CEE/R/CIS) will be hosted in Budapest, Hungary between May 27-28. International and national speakers are invited to talk about the future and the actualities of the Cisco Networking Academy Program, and the practical usability of the latest technologies. The best instructors of the CEE/R/CIS region will also be recognized by Corporate representatives at the event.

The community of Central and Eastern European CCNP instructors will also have their workshop as a joint event of the conference.

Currently, the agenda and technical details are being finalized. We will get back with the details in mid-February.

It is launch-time!

Welcome to the brand-new webpage of PONTIS Foundation! We hope we will be able to provide continuously expanding and up-to-date information on networking-related courses, trainings and events. We also hope that we can assist maintaining the high quality of networking education with the help of tips and best practices.

Please visit our webpage regularly!

In the name of the Foundation:

Akos David

Chair of the Board