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Saturday Dec 03


Instructor Recognition Web Application

The Instructor Recognition Web Application developed by PONTIS is ready for beta testing (only with the required privileges). It is a result of tremendous work, and will hopefully become a useful tool for the NetAcad community. We have put three keywords in the focus, while designing and implementing this application:

  1. Flexibility to provide a tool which supports the organizers of Instructor Recognition at different levels (currently regional, but local & global recognition is also supported).
  2. Objectivity to use a clear, predefined pool of criteria (weight can be different award by award, and addition of new criteria is also possible) to make the applicants from the region comparable.
  3. Simplicity to make the use of this tool easy and logical.



The Instructor Recognition Event will be held May 27-28 in Budapest, Hungary. In order to be able to manage the time available properly, there would be the following steps needed with their respective deadlines:

Step 1

AAMs should make a selection of academies (or persons) who they think will be able to make the proper nominations from their region/countries. Name, E-mail, Academy ID, Institution and Country are the necessary info for each nominator that has to be included in an Excel sheet and sent back to us (to register them in the system, and invite them by e-mail). Deadline: February 21

Step 2

Launching the web application, together with making the announcement through the event module of iPortal. Deadline: February 28

Step 3

E-mails are sent out to the selected academies/persons. They are required to log in the application and study the award descriptions. They need to collect info on the nominated persons (one per award), and they also need to upload the supporting documents (e.g. scanned version of a certification). They can review, modify or withdraw any of their nominations. Direct communication with the nominated persons is necessary. Deadline for nominations: March 31

Step 4

E-mails are sent to the evaluators who should log in the application and evaluate the applicants according to the predefined instructions. An evaluator is not allowed to evaluate an applicant from his/her country. The rankings is automatically set up after the evaluators finished their job. Deadline for getting the results: April 15


Operation of the Web Application

There are three different types of users with significant roles:

Category manager

A category manager is able to create, edit or remove categories (e.g. CEE Awards), and add a list of nominators (e.g. selected RA LMCs) and evaluators (e.g. members of AAM team). They can be invited by e-mail to access the web application, and they can be associated with the available categories by ticking the related check-boxes. They can also create, edit and remove awards within the categories, and it is also possible for them to see the Results (both the actual and the final after the deadline is over). They can add new criteria with the relevant weight (importance) and the max points (reference for the evaluators), or they can select them from the pool available from earlier categories and/or awards.


A nominator is usually representing a selected Regional Academy, and knows the instructors very well around them. So they can see the available categories and the awards within each. They can nominate one person for each category by filling out the personal and professional info (the criteria set up by the category manager) of the nominated person. They can also withdraw someone in special cases.


Evaluators will see the categories and awards they are associated with, and they can list the nominated persons. They can evaluate any of them by clicking on the Evaluate button next to the person's name. (Those being evaluated at the moment by someone else are not displayed.) They will see a form similar to the nominator's one but they can enter values belonging to each criterion. By approving a value, it will be calculated in the total points with the relevant weight, but any value can be disapproved as well, if there is no document supporting someone's statements (e.g. certifications).

We are looking forward to getting your feedback. We are also hopeful this tool is for the future, so from next year on, it could be used for managing first the local, then the regional recognition managed by their own category managers.